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    Backend Developer

    3-5 Years Exp


    Remote Work

    Full Time

    Job Description

    Smartbell is seeking talented individuals with a passion for developing innovative, software-based solutions for the role of Python Backend Developer. Our headquarters is based in the heart of Cambridge, UK and the company is expanding operations with a second base of operations in Chennai, India.  

    As a Python Backend Developer for Smartbell, you will have the opportunity to work at all levels of our backend infrastructure dealing with data from sensors that gather animal activity and temperature and other environmental data sources. The infrastructure is divided between AWS and cloud hosted linux servers for processing, analysing and providing meaningful insights to dairy farmers, vets and other actors across the food supply chain.  

    You will work on maintaining and creating new tools for our backend infrastructure including: data handling, system monitoring, database management, process automation, scripting, containerising solutions, API creation and management. 

    We are looking to hire a highly creative Python Backend Developer to address monitoring and scaling challenges, the company collects large volumes of data from varying sources to create solutions to overcome challenges in animal health and process management creating timely and effective communications with farms, vets and other interested parties. 

    This role offers an opportunity for candidates to expand their talents by participating directly in the development of production software. Individual visibility within the team is high, and there are opportunities for advancement with successful delivery. All levels of Smartbell’s software engineers work directly on production-level code in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment on products with a rapid time to market. 

    Qualified candidates possess the ability to design programs and systems based on defined requirements; to prepare program specifications; to code, test, and debug software; to interpret technical information relating to software development; and to communicate effectively. The position involves developing new applications and extending the capabilities of the existing application. 

    Roles and Responsibilities

      • Develop Python backend applications using Django, FastAPI, or Flask. 
      • Manage databases (Postgres, MySQL, Elasticsearch) and caching (Redis). 
      • Manipulate data with Pandas, implement REST APIs, and utilise Git for version control. 
      • Implement encryption, JWT authentication, asynchronous functions, batch schedulers, and WebSocket. 
      • Implement CI/CD pipeline through ADO, Jenkins, Docker, and virtual servers. 
      • Deploy and scale applications on AWS services (API Gateway, EC2, Lambda, S3, RDS, SES, DynamoDB). 


    Technical Skills


    Desired Candidate Profile

      • Masters’ degree or higher in computer science, statistics, applied mathematics or  Bachelors degree in computer science or related field. 
      • Proficiency in Python frameworks, databases, and caching mechanisms. 
      • Experience with data manipulation, REST APIs, asynchronous programming, and encryption. 
      • Collaborate with frontend and other team for backend APIs integrations. 
      • Familiarity with automation tools (Selenium), batch schedulers, and real-time  communication (WebSocket), CI/CD, Containerisation. 
      • Hands-on experience with AWS services for deployment and scaling. 
      • Experience with data manipulation like analysis, cleansing and management using tools, including SQL and Excel 
      • Strong problem-solving and critical thinking abilities 
      • Excellent communication and presentation skills 

    Backend Developer

    location Chennai

    onsite Remote Work

    exp 3-5 Years Exp

    vector_icon Full Time

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