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    Customer Success Manager


    Full Time


    2-5 Years Exp

    Job Description

    We are looking for Customer Success professionals to join our world-class customer engagement team!


    Soft Skills

    Problem-Solving SkillsPresentation SkillsMulti-taskingInterpersonal skillsCommunicationTime Management

    Roles and Responsibilities

      • Develop and deliver comprehensive training and onboarding sessions to customers after sales, ensuring they have a smooth transition and understand the full potential of Paperflite.
      • Cultivate strong relationships with key accounts and stakeholders, going beyond customer satisfaction to deliver exceptional experiences that foster long-term loyalty and advocacy for Paperflite.
      • Be the friendly neighborhood support person, not just for troubleshooting but also for anticipating customer needs before they even realize it – the real MVP of customer success!
      • Actively showcase newly released features and guide customers on maximizing the usage of relevant features, effectively demonstrating the value and continuous innovation of Paperflite.
      • Be the bridge between customers and our tech team, translating wishes into code and making sure the customer's voice is heard in the halls of innovation.
      • Keep a watchful eye on customer health scores, swooping in to save the day and ensure everyone's happily ever after with Paperflite.
      • Document and share best practices with customers, providing them with comprehensive resources that help them derive maximum value from Paperflite.
      • Proactively identify upsell opportunities, leveraging your deep understanding of customer needs and pain points, and work towards maximizing customer lifetime value through account expansion.
      • Take proactive measures to control churn by closely monitoring customer satisfaction levels and developing retention strategies tailored to each customer's specific needs and circumstances.

    Desired Candidate Profile

      • 2 to 4 years of experience in Customer Success roles: Prove you've been in the trenches, establishing and nurturing successful customer relationships.
      • Exceptional communication and presentation skills, enabling effective interaction with customers and stakeholders.
      • Proficiency in managing complex account situations: Picture yourself as the go-to problem solver, leading the charge for mutual success and building long-term partnerships.
      • Strong consulting skills, with a proven track record of acting as a trusted advisor to clients or stakeholders, driving tangible business value.
      • A genuine passion for customer success, particularly within the context of SaaS products related to MarTech and SalesTech.
      • Self-motivated, team-oriented, and dedicated to surpassing client expectations: Consider yourself a lone wolf with a strong sense of teamwork, committed to exceeding client expectations.
      • Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks, handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously, and thrive in high-pressure environments.

    Customer Success Manager

    location Chennai

    onsite In-Office

    exp 2-5 Years Exp

    vector_icon Full Time

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