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    Game Programmer Lead


    Full Time


    5-8 Years Exp

    Job Description

    Expand our family with a Game Programmer Lead who will be joining our new India office and leading the future software development team in Bangalore. A highly cohesive group of techies in which challenges are faced with energy and good vibes every day. 

    This is a huge opportunity to grow with us leading the best team in Bangalore. Currently, they are immersed in one of the most advanced projects of the company and we need a techie who wants to live the experience of participating in a project from its beginnings.

    If you feel identified and share this philosophy, WE ARE YOUR COMPANY!


    Technical Skills


    Roles and Responsibilities

      • Manage a multidisciplinary team in the process of developing games. 
      • Design new games using the GODOT game engine.
      • Design the logical flow through a system of action boxes (type blueprints).
      • You will work in gdscript and gdnative.
      • You will work on a project with highly reusable and developing code, whose goal is to be used by dozens of developers.
      • Bug fixes and regular project maintenance, developing unit tests.
      • Documentation of the functionalities and internal training.
      • Playing a key role in the decision-making of new implementations, as well as in the revision of the code through the Code Reviews.
      • Being involved in the creation and executing process from conception to delivery.
      • Project management through agile methodologies.

    Desired Candidate Profile

      • Bachelor degree in Science Computer engineering or similar.
      • Minimum 3-5 years previous experience leading technical teams. 
      • Minimum previous experience using game engines (Unity, UnrealEngine or Godot). 
      • Minimum previous experience of 5 years in OOP (ideally C ++ language).
      • High knowledge in Python or GDScript.
      • High ability to read shared code. 
      • Understandable, maintainable and scalable code design.
      • Knowledge of Linux environment at user level.
      • Repositories (SVN, GIT).

    Game Programmer Lead

    location Bengaluru

    onsite In-Office

    exp 5-8 Years Exp

    vector_icon Full Time

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