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    Lead Fullstack Engineer


    Full Time


    6-10 Years Exp

    Job Description

    The core expectation from you would be - to lead design and implementation of software features / functionality enhancements / quality issues under our products as laid out as per our product delivery roadmap. Your team’s output should conform to high standards of Quality, Performance, Reliability, Technical Integrity and Scalability, set for our software products.

    At the same time, you would also own the responsibility to deliver work on-time by adhering to our company’s agile process for software development and delivery.

    As a lead engineer, you would be taking directions for work / deliverables from a Product leader and Software Architect and be expected to deliver the output with a small team of 4 or 5 engineers (including Associate-level Software Engineers, Software Engineers and Senior Software Engineers). More than 70% of your time will be spent in software design and code reviews, within hands-on coding accounting for a small portion of your time. 


    Technical Skills


    Roles and Responsibilities

      • Understanding the end-user outcomes behind the software requirements given to you for implementation
      • Work closely with Product Leaders to stay aligned with product vision
      • Thinking critically about design and architecture of implementation, documenting the approach for complex implementations and getting these reviewed from Software Architects prior to development.
      • Developing and implementing responsive user interfaces using ReactJS and using advanced concepts such as Hooks and React Components lifecycle (class-based components, state management, etc)
      • Ability to achieve pixel-perfect output based on the visual designs and grooming other engineers to achieve this level of perfection
      • Implementing the necessary user interactions, on top of visual designs provided, to guarantee end-user outcomes meeting the acceptance criteria
      • Designing and developing REST APIs using C#.NET and implementing advanced business logic involving database operations, file IO over Cloud, etc
      • Ability to write code that is readable, performant and bug-free and advocate this practice to others.
      • Being able to understand others’ code, to be able to debug / troubleshoot it for fixing issues (or) optimize / enhance it further
      • Possessing the ability to gauge the impact radius of your work - on existing functionality and associated features on the product
      • Working closely with the Scrum master towards sprint-on-sprint delivery and collaborating effectively with other stakeholders on the team viz. testers, UI/UX designers and product managers
      • Carrying out code reviews of all work submitted by your team, without fail and participating in peer reviews of work submitted by other developers
      • Lead and mentor ASEs / SEs / SSEs through their work to ensure high-quality deliverables from them

    Desired Candidate Profile

      • 6+ years of work experience as a Software Developer using .NET technologies
      • Minimum 3 year of experience as a Full-stack developer, using any Javascript framework preferably ReactJS
      • Project experience involving SQL databases, Micro-services, C# Web API’s, MS Azure services
      • Hands-on experience with UI-side state management frameworks such as Redux / Flux
      • Good knowledge in JavaScript, HTML and CSS ( CSS selectors, Media Query and FlexBox, Responsive UI )
      • Proven ability to code in an Object-oriented programming language like C#
      • Capability to design and write Automation Tests for API Testing, Unit Testing, etc

    Lead Fullstack Engineer

    location Chennai

    onsite Hybrid

    exp 6-10 Years Exp

    vector_icon Full Time

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