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    Site Reliability Engineer


    Full Time


    3-7 Years Exp

    Job Description

    The Site Reliability Engineer plays a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the reliability and efficiency of our digital platforms. In this role, you will independently manage monitoring tools, conduct detailed system analyses, and lead specific system optimization projects. Your software development, platform, and systems engineering expertise will be central to addressing complex challenges and driving improvements across our technology stack.

    As a Site Reliability Engineer, you must have a strong command of software, systems, and platform engineering principles. Your role ensures our digital platforms' resilience, leveraging innovative technologies and best practices. You will be instrumental in adopting and advancing current practices and preparing our systems for future technological advancements.

    Roles and Responsibilities

      • Independently manage and optimize monitoring and alerting systems, ensuring robust system health visibility and effective incident detection and prioritization.
      • Conduct thorough system performance, cost, and incident data analysis, driving optimizations and actionable insights for both proactive system enhancements and effective incident response strategies.
      • Effectively manage service level objectives and key performance indicators, balancing proactive system reliability efforts with efficient incident management.
      • Collaborate with enterprise architecture and InfoSec teams to develop resilient system architectures and integrate security best practices in incident management.
      • Utilize data-driven insights for continuous system architecture enhancement and innovate in tooling automation for improved incident response.
      • Lead system optimization projects and actively participate in the post-mortem analysis process, ensuring learnings are systematically tracked and implemented across teams.

    Desired Candidate Profile

      Software Engineering:

      • Solid programming and scripting skills with languages like Java, Python, Go, JavaScript. Ability to leverage these for automation and optimization.
      • Proficient use of monitoring and incident response tools. Capable of applying strategic approaches to system troubleshooting.
      • Good skills in analyzing, integrating vendor solutions, and open-source projects. Developing custom tools for specific technological needs.
      • Good knowledge of Agile methodologies and DevOps practices, including CI/CD pipelines.

      Systems Engineering:

      • Strong skills in Infrastructure as Code using tools such as Terraform, Ansible, or Pulumi.
      • Experience in managing systems across cloud environments, with a focus on operational efficiency and security.
      • Strong skills in data storage solutions and queueing systems.
      • Good understanding of network architecture, including advanced concepts like CDN and network security practices.

      Platform Engineering:

      • Strong experience in planning and executing complex system architectures, including microservices and serverless frameworks.
      • Proficient across major cloud platforms, with experience in designing and deploying cloud-native solutions.
      • Experience with container technologies and their orchestration, particularly Kubernetes.

      Preferred Qualifications

      • Experience in the lending technology sector or related financial services industries is beneficial but not mandatory.
      • Certifications in areas like cloud technologies, AI, data management, networking, and cybersecurity are valued.
      • Proven experience in technical project management, especially in cross-functional and multinational environments, is more critical for senior roles.
      • Track record of innovative problem-solving, with higher expectations for senior roles.
      • Strong communication skills, particularly for conveying technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
      • Commitment to continual professional development, with expectations increasing with seniority.
      • Active involvement in open-source projects, technical forums, or professional communities is a plus for all roles, showcasing a dedication to collaborative growth and learning.

    Site Reliability Engineer

    location Chennai

    onsite Hybrid

    exp 3-7 Years Exp

    vector_icon Full Time

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